Danah was struggling with low energy, lack of focus and concentration. She was struggling to be consistent with her work and often found herself feeling demotivated and finding it difficult to build the habits needed in order to achieve the life she desired for herself. This was also an issue when it came to her sustaining a healthy lifestyle with regards to diet and exercise.

What had Danah tried in the past?

She had tried diets, supplements, meditations, mindset work, and emotional work but found there was still lots of limiting beliefs in the background holding her back.

The RTT session uncovered a deep rooted belief that she was not good enough and she didn't deserve to be worthy of improving herself hence she was in effect chained to her past.

What did Danah have to say about her experience of working with

Dr Shyra Raj?

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! I loved the part where she collected information about me before hand and explored a bit more during the session. Dr Shyra's energy and voice were so warm, loving, and kind. I felt safe in her hands (or in her voice to be specific :D). The process was gentle even when I met the past and had that conversation with my mom who had a lot to do with my childhood trauma and limiting beliefs. Also, the fact that we had a follow up session was absolutely something appreciated and valued, to carve out time to check how your client is doing. I loved the whole experience and would definitely repeat it if I needed to.


(Norwich, UK)

Michele was struggling with issues around comfort eating and drinking alcohol when feeling stressed. She had previously tried Weight Watchers and had initial success in losing weight but then put it all back on again 6 months later. She had also had previous coaching which was only effective up to a point.

During the RTT session we uncovered that the underlying belief was that she wasn't good enough and that she had to eat and drink to take away any negative emotions she experienced.

What did Michele say about her RTT experience with Dr Shyra Raj?

Following the RTT session I have only enjoyed alcohol socially with others and have had one off treats but otherwise have been eating healthily.

Dr Shyra Raj is an excellent practitioner who explained everything clearly and ensured I understood. The recording was great and I am still using it after the 21 days.

It was all very professional and friendly.

It's a different approach from other therapies I have experienced and listening to the recording for at least 21 days feels like there is now something hardwired into my brain. Dr Shyra Raj is friendly and professional and established good rapport with me.

NB. Consent has been given by all clients prior to sharing their success stories.